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Last Words, 9/2003 Archive

In Italy
How to Cheat by Cell Phone Without Getting Caught!
(29/09/03) [perm link]

Flo Boarding
Nokia Game 2003 mobile adventure is now open for registration. The game will be played from November 19th to November 28th.
(16/09/03) [perm link]
Nokia Game

Phone Trends
In New York even homeless people have mobile phones.
(15/09/03) [perm link]

Self Regulation
The biggest U.S. wireless carriers voluntarily adopted a list of principles, The Consumer Code for Wireless Service, aimed at boosting satisfaction, while trying to ward off government regulation.

Here are the ten new commandments:
  • Disclose rates and terms of service to consumers
  • Make available maps showing where service is generally available
  • Provide contract terms to customers and confirm changes in service
  • Allow a trial period for new service
  • Provide specific disclosures in advertising
  • Separately identify carrier charges from taxes on billing statements
  • Provide customers the right to terminate service for changes to contract terms
  • Provide ready access to customer service
  • Promptly respond to consumer inquiries and complaints received from government agencies
  • Abide by policies for protection of customer privacy

    The list looks goods, hopefully all of those will be implemented and followed. Maybe the number portablitity could be added to the list. Wireless carriers will have to annually re-certify that they are in compliance with the Code, and according to CTIA, each carrier's competitors will be watching other companies' compliance. Let's see how well it will work.
    (10/09/03) [perm link]

  • wireless code

    Mobile Fuel
    Research shows that "you can harvest enough electricity to power a cell phone battery for about four days from a sugar cube". Yet another reason to have a coffee break!
    (09/09/03) [perm link]

    Antenna Installation of the Month
    Mobile carriers seem to be doing everything they can to provide good inbuiling coverage (huh!). Cambridge Chronicle writes about how Nextel antennas were installed within 10 feet of neighbour's bed. What were they thinking?

    1 This is very poor cell planning. I bet RF designer was forced to take this location when no other cheap candidates were available, or rollout quotas need to be filled. No RF planner is proud of this site.
    1 This is PR nightmare. Expect community groups making it really difficult to build new sites in the future. They will also apply more pressure on local government and politicians. No PR manager is proud of this site.
    1 This will increase resentment towards mobile carriers just before number portability will be introduced. In the future all carriers need more sites in this suburb, how easy do you think next site acquisition will be? No site acquisition manager is proud of this site.
    1 Expect a large metallic/aluminium sheet appearing soon in front of the bedroom windows. Wind will move the sheet nicely to allow people still to make phone calls, but constantly moving reflections will guarantee large amount of call drop, making this sector even more useless. Metallic sheet would also attenuate the signal. No network management team is proud of this site.
    1 Installation below rooftop level is generally more difficult than on short poles on a roof, but antennas would still have been placed below the tree line in this care. No antenna installation team is proud of this site.
    1 Bad sectors do not generate much traffic and revenues, and all these issues cause soaring acquisition and rollout cost. No mobile operator is proud of this site.

    This is no isolated incidence. Mobile carriers can only blame themselves for concerns of the general public and difficulties acquiring sites. Making better sites does not necessary mean more expensive site costs. Network rollout team needs to better educated how to build better sites and deal with the community in long term.

    One good site can handle the coverage of two or more bad sites. The legacy of poor designs will be ugly roof tops of sites, which do not meet the coverage requirements. Operators will have to work with the community, but why do they always learn the hard way?
    (08/09/03) [perm link]

    antenna installation picture;

    Silent Mode Please
    Indian judges hoping to make an example of a man by jailing him for not switching off his mobile telephone in court got a rude awakening when a policeman's cellphone rang just as they meted out the punishment.
    (07/09/03) [perm link]

    3, A920 and Symbian
    Hutchison 3G has locked down the new Motorola-built smart phone for its "3" service, seemingly in an effort to stop the device being used for nefarious purposes. TechDirt and Mobile Tracker has commented it. All About Symbian has reviewed A930.
    (04/09/03) [perm link]

    TD-CDMA Roundup
    Daily Wireless wrote a good TD-CDMA market situation summary. Quite a few companies are developing TD-CDMA systems and about 100 operators have bought TD-CDMA spectrum round the world.
    (04/09/03) [perm link]

    Security Flaw
    An Israeli scientist said on Wednesday his team had found a way to break into mobile phone calls made on the popular GSM network, allowing eavesdroppers to listen in on calls and even take on a caller's identity. The method seem to be very difficult to implement in reality, but proves that innovative people can find security flaws even in well established and researched systems.
    (04/09/01) [perm link]

    forbes Logo Next(el) Telecom Boom?
    Forbes reported that Berkshire Hathaway, the holding company run by billionaire Warren Buffett, bought at least $320 million worth of bonds and preferred stock in Nextel. Needless to say that Nextel jumped 7 percent on the news on the Nasdaq. It looks like the maybe times are getting better. (03/09/03) [perm link]

    Mobile Ban
    Another mobile ban, another lawsuit. Now jockeys in the UK will sue over ban on using mobile phones at races. Like they put it: "A jockey needs a mobile phone for his job as much as a carpenter needs a hammer".
    (01/09/03) [perm link]

    zdnet Mobile Tracking
    No news here:Virgin Mobile admits storing customer location records. Storing customer call records, which include the used base station, is a standard practise in most of the countries. In other news: Operators also save the fixed line customers' location information.
    (01/09/03) [perm link]

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