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Last Words, 6/2002 Archive

Another mobile phone application for common good. Still, traffic monitoring might have some privacy issues.
Read the BBC article. (30/12/02)
bbc logo

Bad manners are now illegal! New York City Council approved a bill that bans the use of cell phones at public performances.
Read the Wired article. (19/12/02)

Finally some good use for mobile phone: remote monitoring of heart rate for people at high risk of cardiac problems.
Read the Reuters article. (17/12/02)
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Now this was bound to happen. You buy a very expesive phone, leave it on a night club table and three hours later it is gone.
Read the Orlando Sentinel article. (16/12/02)

Hats off for Hutchison for building a nice base station.
Read the Liverpool Echo article. (15/12/02)
Liverpool Echo

Mobile market is expanding! Even 9-year-olds have mobile phones now. Soon mobile phones might even be sold as baby monitors? Read the Wired article. (10/12/02)

More unusual mobile phone chargers!
See the latest methods. (09/12/02)
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Help your local operator and buy your dog a mobile phone!
Read the CNN article. (05/12/02)

Now this could be a 3G killer application!
Read the Mainichi Daily News article. (04/12/02)
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"Drivers using phones are responsible for about 6 percent of U.S. auto accidents each year, killing an estimated 2,600 people and injuring 330,000 others." USA has about 14% of world's mobile phones. People feel that all this is OK. You do the maths! How about stopping the car in a safe place before using the phone?
Read the Atlanta Journal-Constitution article. (02/12/02)

Mobile phones are dangerous. Woman absorbed in reading mobile phone e-mail gets whacked with shovel and robbed.
Read the Mainichi Daily News article. (30/11/02)
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Optical cell phones are coming.
Read the article. (27/11/02)

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