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Last Words, 1/2003 Archive

rcr wireless

Another study shows that hands-free mobile phone distract drivers, but we knew that already!
Read the RCR News article. (27/01/03)

No news here. Students use phones to cheat and that was "a new one" for university administrators.
Read the Washington Post article. (25/01/03)
Washington Post logo

yahoo logo

Holy SMS! Now delivered to your mobile phone.
Read the Yahoo article. (23/01/03)

Our choice for the word of the year: dialarhoea, inadvertent dialing of a cell phone in a pocket or handbag. Read the Words of the Year by American Dialect Society. (21/01/03) ADS

The Jakarta Post

SMS frauds in Indonesia. Don't believe everything your read on your phone. Read the Jakarta Post article. (21/01/03)

Heath warning: Telecom lobbying and partying might cause memory problems. Read the RCR Wireless article. (20/01/03) rcr wireless

yahoo logo

Old news again. Pornography is likely to be among the main uses that will drive demand in the early days of 3G mobile phones.
Read the Yahoo article. (20/01/03)

How to combat bad mobile phone manners? Introducing a mobile phone that gives you an electric shock if you speak too loudly.
Read the Economist article. (16/01/03)
The Economist

No news here. Mobile network quality is not a high priority. Only 86 percent of messages sent from a T-Mobile [USA] phone to a user on another network were successfully received. No reports of refunds yet. Read the CNN article. (15/01/03)

Mobile phone ban battle continues. New York mayor Michael Bloomberg yesterday hung up on City Council legislation that would have banned mobile phone use in theaters, movie houses and all public performance stadiums. Read the Wired article. (15/01/03) wired

Catch-22 of building mobile network. Everyone has a phone, but nobody likes the towers.
Read the Wired article. (14/01/03)

Mobile phone companies are turning to soft porn in a bid to recoup the billions they have splashed out on third generation licenses.
Read The Observer article. (13/01/03)
Observer logo

NDTV logo

This is becoming a popular sport! Another phone throwing competition.
Read the NDTV article. (12/01/03)

Arguing on a mobile phone while speeding can be dangerous.
Read the The Daily Telegraph article. (11/01/03)
The Daily Telegraph logo

bwcs logo

Town of Trelleborg in Sweden does not like additional mobile masts. No word yet on why 3GIS cause health and environmental concerns, but other operators towers are OK.
Read the BWCS article. (10/01/03)

Mobile phones are killing public pay phones. Some operators are converting pay phones into terminals for Wi-Fi Internet connections. Read the Washington Post article. (09/01/03) Washington Post logo

reuters logo

Finally someone is serious about network quality! Ecuadorian government does not tolerate bad mobile phone service. Read the Reuters article. (08/01/03)

Text messaging saves lives again!
Read the Ananova article. (08/01/03)
Ananova logo

ap logo

No news here. Networks are dropping calls and customers want to switch carriers, but wireless plans are too confusing.
Read the CommWeb article. (07/01/03)

Another 3G applications. Picture phones used by bullies in the school.
Read the Mainichi Daily News article. (07/01/03)
mdn logo

PCW logo
Picture messaging and 3G might be saved. Phones with built-in cameras could see the return to Saudi shops!
Read the article at PCW. (07/01/03)

Some people really hate mobile phone masts (or phone companies)!
Read the Star Tribute article. (06/01/03)
Star Tribune

Mobile mobile phones in India. The postman will deliver the phone service in his area.
Read the BSNL press release. (03/01/03)

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