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Last Words, 5/2003 Archive

Urban legend or not, but voice answer feature of mobile phones can cause some unexpected situations!  Via (30/05/03) [perm link] P800

mobislam logo is a new mobile portal dedicated to the French-speaking Muslim community. As they put it "MobIslam is the partner of your sprititual Djihad". Babelfish translation to English.  Via (30/05/03) [perm link]

Mighty telephone bill from war in Iraq: The Australian Defence Force is required to pay an undisclosed amount - believed to be up to $[AU]3 million - for satellite time and band width to connect the Canberra war room with command in the Gulf, and enable it to talk directly with SAS troops on the ground. (28/05/03) [perm link]

news palm beach post The mobile phone number in the movie 'Bruce Almighty' happen to be a real number, not the usual 555 prefix number. Now hundreds of people get prank calls and are talking to their lawyers. (28/05/03) [perm link]

Mobile phone masts lower the value of houses, but according to the article seven householders in Swindon won sums of between £10,000 and £20,000 each from their local council after it mistakenly allowed a mast to be erected in the middle of their residential street, causing their properties to crash in value. Also elsewhere people are just not happy about the government planning guidance. (25/05/03) [perm link] Observer logo

which button An old answer-phone message joke was "If you want to buy marijuana, press the hash key". But wasn't the # key designed to be the start button for a video call in the old AT&T fixed line video/picture phones? Well which key actually starts the 3G video call? (23/05/03) [ perm link]

Make a note: Chain SMS is not really smart and do not believe everything you read! (23/05/03) [perm link]

playboy In January Hutchison's 3 appointed dedicated advisers to look into making money from adult content and now Hutchison signs 3G porn contract with Playboy (21/05/03) [perm link]

Phone companies are desperate to charge people. Even a dead man gets a phone bill at the cemetery where he is buried. I wonder who runs their billing system? (19/05/03) [perm link] Ananova

all africa African tribe sees the mobile phones as symptom of madness, how else could these nomads explain why an adult would talk to himself while placing a small metallic box on his ear. But hold on, they are actually right; it is madness! (18/05/03) [perm link]

As we know, Encryption of phone communications is very uncommon and encryption of phone conversations isn't very effective. (17/05/03) [perm link] Counterpane

pacific news service New Mobile Market Found: In Vietnam, even the dead people need mobile phones.   Via (16/05/03) [perm link]

Rebuilding Iraq: MCI won a contract to build a GSM network in Iraq and said it was on track to have a small network operating in June! (16/05/03) [perm link] MCI

siliconvalley Changing Habits: has a story how cell phones are changing our social habits and The Wall Street Journal writes how to fake a hard day at the office. Slashdot has the discussion. Wired also has an article teens and mobile phone usage. (16-17/05/03) [perm link]

Another 3G Killer Application: Italy's mafia organisations have come up with a use for third-generation mobile phones that makers of the gadgets probably did not have in mind -- vote-rigging! (16/05/03) [perm link] Reuters

Louisiana How many safety studies are needed? Louisiana House committee rejects ban on cell phone use while driving. "The head of the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, said his office was in the process of gathering statistics on how cell phone use affects drivers' abilities". Maybe they should read the National Highways Traffic Safety Administration survey pages. Louisiana Highway Safety Commission actually has a link to those pages!

According to their own 2001 report: "With all of the national attention on the use of cell phones by drivers, lawmakers agreed to set up a special study panel to investigate problems with driver distractions, like cell phones. The panel will submit a report to lawmakers no later than December 2002." I guess that study is not ready yet?
(15/05/03) [perm link]

Police in Australia is getting tough to clamp down on mobile usage while driving a vehicle. The driver of a horse-drawn carriage going four miles an hour (6.4kph) got fined for talking on his mobile phone. (13/05/03)

DoJ For the record: US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court approved 1046 portable device wiretap applications (PDF) in 2002. The FBI uses the warrants in investigations of suspected terrorists and spies. More on Wired article. Maybe it is worth to wiretap some phones. (13/05/03)

According to BBC article mobile phones are seen as 'essential'. Even an 11-year old boy felt the need to spends £800 on mobile phones. (13/05/03) BBC Logo

stun gun Mobile phone stun guns can be found on the streets of London and elsewhere. The Taiwanese firm, Motedo, has developed a stun gun that is disguised as a mobile phone that can deliver a 180,000 volt shock from the antenna. (13/05/03)

Finally someone actually relaxes the mobile phone usage rules. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission has approved an NYSE rule change that will allow the use of cell phones on its already noisy and frenetic trading floor, reversing a prior ban on the phones. (13/05/03)
Update: Another mobile phone ban lifted! (14/05/03)

worth1000 Looking for some new mobile phone design ideas? has some great ones! You need to register, but it is worth it. Some ideas are crazy and some are funny. (12/05/03)

National park enthusiasts are calling for people not to use their mobile phones in the parks, but whenever we are in trouble, the mobile phone is our best friend. (12/05/03) lakedistrict

zdnet Class-action law suit against Nokia continues in California
via (09/05/03)

University of Oxford study shows that 'Talking windscreens' rather than a traditional mobile phone while driving could help prevent accidents. Drivers are four times more likely to have an accident if they use a mobile phone on the road 'The safest way of avoiding accidents, however, is not to use a mobile phone at all while driving.' (09/05/03) oxford uni

phone cover An Australian company introduced a mobile phone cover with picture and smell of a marijuana plant at the CeBIT Australia, and of course people got upset. (09/05/03)

The mobile phone texting classes are being offered under the 'Bite-Sized Intros' part of a £14 million adult education scheme launched by the Learning Skills Council. But not everyone is happy. (09/05/03) expressstar

intenet magazine Yet an other killer appications: Gambling over third 3G mobile phones offers the perfect cover for money laundering, but surely there are easier and more established ways to do that. (08/05/03)

Siemens is testing airborne 3G mobile technology, but why will it take five years before 3G in planes will become standard. We are ready to use it now. (07/05/03) BBC Logo

François: Who said we didn't need wireless? :))    (05/05/03)

Here is another idea in the post Sept. 11, 2001 world: Cell phones can double as radiation detector in the future for police and customs agents.
Via (05/05/03)


In need of a Blogging Detox program? Head for the South Pacific!. (04/05/03)

As we know Emergency services are overloaded and everyone having a mobile phone is not helping. But software bugs/features are also causing some concern. Here is a one phone where you can dial 000 even when your keypad is locked. Phone bill shows that an accidental call from the front pocket is free but, but I'm sure emergency service people were not amused! (04/05/03) [Perm link] 000 dialed
000 bill

Yet another expensive design mobile phone launched. There are so many to choose from! (03/05/03)

Do you need a cell site in a hurry, maybe for special events or a temporary installation? There are a lot to choose from and operators do use those.
Via (03/05/03)
cell on wheels

The New York Times Logo It was a big deal when the Church of England agreed to have telecoms aerials installed in church spires in return for cash. Telcos have targeted churches before and tried to blend antennas in using stealth applications. Now The New York times has an article about one happy church antenna case. (02/05/03)

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