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Last Words, 4/2002 Archive

Industrial espionage in the telecommunication industry companies? Top Secret documents were stolen? It happens all the time everywhere, but it is rarely reported.
Read the Reuters article. (06/11/02)
Read the conclusion. (18/06/03)
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Are you praying for the good time to come back to the telecommunication industry? (03/11/02)

According to telecommunications authorities nearly 20,000 lines are currently being tapped in Germany! Who has the time to listen all those conversations?
Read the BBC article. (01/11/02)
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BT conceals base stations, but not all people are happy. Protestors even claim that "[base station power] might be low level, but no level is safe." Read the New Scientist article. (01/11/02)

The eighties "brick" is back! Who want to by my old phones?
Read the TimesOnline article. (29/10/02)
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Soon you will be able to annoy you fellow airline passengers with our mobile phone. AirCell and Verizon Airfone are developing technology to let passengers use their mobile phones without disrupting airplane electronics or ground cellular service, but what about disturbing the sleeping traveller next to you? Read the USA Today article. (23/10/02)

Your voice will be used to generate mobile encryption keys in the future. Be careful who records your voice from now on ;-)
Read the New Scientist article. (18/10/02)
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Fujitsu develops mobile phone-controlled robot for the home.
Read the Fujitsu press release. (07/10/02)

Mobile business is spreading everywhere. Dutch Catholic church offers religious ringtones for € 1,15. Read the Ananova article. (26/09/02) Ananova logo

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Levi's is launching trousers with 'anti-radiation' pockets for mobile phones, but are not implying in any way that mobile phones are dangerous! Read the article from Reuters. (12/09/02)

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