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Last Words, 4/2003 Archive

Man fired by SMS in Australia! Read the Sydney Morning Herald article.
Via (30/04/03)
The conclusion to the story (21/05/03)
SMH Highest level of MMS services:, China Mobile and Motorola have jointly introduced SMS and MMS services at the Mount Everest. Follow the expedition progress at the Cellular news has also a story about the highest GSM base stations, BBC has also the story. (30/04/03)

How stupid can you get... An insurance fraudster has been caught after accidentally admitting his crime to the very company he was trying to defraud, due a mix-up with his mobile phone. (28/04/03) silicon

scotsman More mast trouble in Scotland: Councils have imposed bans on siting masts on their land, making it difficult for 3G rollouts. Meanwhile a naked climber plunged to his death after climbing a 130ft telephone mast on the outskirts of Edinburgh. (28/04/03)

Unusual phone battery recharging methods: Please do not try to recharge your mobile phone battery in a microwave oven. It is now tested and it does not work! (28/04/03) USB charger Stupid people do stupid things. For the second time in less than a week, a cell phone was thrown onto the field at a Major League ballpark. Now it is easy to understand why New York banned the mobile phones at some public events.
Update: The previous case. (27-29/04/03)

Forbes had a nice article about US phone billing "system", Slashdot had the discussion. (25/04/03) forbes Logo

fcc US number portability follow-up, take 2: Check the FCC example phone bill. (25/04/03)

According to the BBC article, a Scottish police force has blamed mobile phone text messaging for a massive rise in the number of incidents involving threats and extortion. Surely people are just using new ways to do old crimes and getting caught more often. Do people think that text messages can not be traced back to the sender? (16/04/03) BBC Logo    Mobile phones do save lives! via (15/04/03)

Trouble in Chicago: Ongoing litigation Kempner Mobile Electronics vs Cingular Wireless can be followed at Another Cingular retailer is also in trouble and then there is the class action lawsuit against Cingular. Adam Fendelman from eprairie has the story. (14/04/03)

World's Smallest Film Festival The first annual BigDigit 'World's Smallest Film Festival' is the first-of-its-kind mobile device film festival, which showcases a variety of films designed for presentation on the next-generation mobile devices. Check out the other films too. (14/04/03)

As seen before bank robbers and muggers are not getting any smarter. They just keep on leaving their mobile phones behind. Well at least it makes police work easier. (14/04/03)
New York Newsday

Reuters According to Reuters story, advertising are heading to mobile phones. It is easy to guess that spam will eventually kill the wireless advertising, if operators are not in total control what is happening in their networks. (13/04/03)

The latest mobile innovation: Wired and The Register have articles about's Purring Kitty software, which turns certain Nokia cell phones with vibrating ring capabilities into a "discrete, vibrating massager."
The Register has a funny follow-up article! (13-15/04/03)
The Register logo

HD Phone Customised limited edition phones are getting more popular. Now Motorola unveils Harley-Davidson 100th anniversary V60i mobile phone. I am sure, soon you can design and order your own customised collector's edition phones with selected features and multiple covers straight from the manufacturer. (11/04/03)

Most teens and young adults in Japan rarely use computers to surf the web. According to experts "Mobile telephones are a negative factor in improving media literacy". Looks like Japanise society is moving to post-PC era fast. But then again mobile have soom most of the PC features, so the circle will be complete. Via (11/04/03)
Japan Media Review

US number portability follow-up: Mobile numbers are not so mobile! As discussed before, if wireless companies believe that they have better service, aggressive pricing and more to offer than their competitors, why are they so afraid of the number portability? Number portability creates changes in a merket place, adds competition and opens opportunities for well run companies. Somebody, show some leadership! Slashdot has again the discussion (10/04/03)

Robodex displayed plenty of phone controlled robots! i4u has cool photos, has the story and Slashdot has the discussion. (09/04/03)

More unusual mobile phone chargers! (take 6) Coin operated and wind-up chargers. (06/04/03) USB charger

According to today's newpapers The cellphone's first public demonstration celebrates its 30th anniversary. It is hard to say when it all started, but at least Motorola celebrates 20 years of the world's first commercial portable cellular phone (now dead link). The first modern commercial mobile phone network was opened about 23 years ago, or was it 57 years ago? (03/04/03) [Perm link] Logo
Picture this: You are in the movies and the security officer are using night-vision binoculars to catch people using mobile phones for piracy! Do not worry about the picture quality, transmission speeds or call drops, I guess those will improve eventually. I just hope they start doing that to catch people talking to their phone during the show! Now this could be an applications for jammers. Read the article. (03/04/03)

Today's SMS round-up: Ananova writes that Hong Kong authorities have text messaged six million mobile phones in a bid to dispel a hoax online newspaper story about the fatal mystery disease hitting the region.
Meanwhile MSNBC News has a short story about a mobile phone message with the image of Iraqi President Saddam Hussein saying, in Arabic: "God saves my soul for you, God destroys America." (03/04/03)
President Saddam Hussein message, picture by Nasser Shiyoukhi / AP

GPS Phones are a hot topic today! The US forces in Iraq do not trust Thuraya phones operator, which is based in Abu Dhabi.

At the same time NTT DoCoMo introduces their GPS handset F661i. Market is actually full of GPS phones like Benefon, Garmin and Teletype and GPS-capable phones for E911 services are appearing in the US. (01/04/03)

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