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I hope that you find UMTS World useful. I value your input and with your comments and suggestions I am able to improve our site. If you have any 3G information or news you would like us to publish on this web site, please email:

If you have any comments or would like to report a fault on this web site, please email:

I get a lot of emails. If you have a general question about UMTS or 3G, please check the FAQ page and technology section before sending me an email. Thanks!

I can contribute to your telecom industry publication or research study. If you are an industry analyst doing your research or planning to use the information or my opinions for commercial purposes, please let me know. Please email me your questions and suggestions, to get a quote. A lot of my analysis has been published by leading telecom analyst companies.

I am also available for press interviews on 3G topics.
You can send me an e-mail:
If you want to send your message attachments encrypted with GNU Privacy Guard, you can download the public key as a text file.

You can also contact me on Instant Messager, ID: petripo
or try IRC channel #mobitopia (irc:// ID: Petri

Please do not ask me to send you any 3G documents. I do not have any material to distribute. If you need 3G documentation, the best thing is to download 3G specification from 3GPP web site, check the download page for other UMTS / 3G material, or contact you local network vendor or operator.

Please, do not email me executable files or files that can contain macros or scripts. Those will be deleted without opening. If you need to send me files other that text files or pictures, email: first telling what you are going to send.

More about About UMTS World.

The best way to contact us is via email, but if you need a phone or fax number or a postal address, email me to get it.

Best Regards
Petri Possi

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