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Site Development Notes

Here are some UMTS World news and insight to the future development:

My responses to emails have lately been slow due to other commitment, sorry. It should improve soon. 26 December 2003

I'm looking for the next challenge! 10 July 2003

- UMTS World is now 2 years old and traffic continues to increase steadily! 1 July 2003

Virus Warning! If you have received an email from containing a file "", this email has not been originated from UMTS World server! This email is not from UMTS World! Please note that the email contains a Sobig.E worm/virus. This email is originated from a computer, whose owner has sent UMTS World an email earlier and now the worm has found the email address from this compromised computer. Read about the worm

Apologies, but because the worm is using UMTS World address and sending those from someone elses computer, there very little I can do! - Petri    1 July 2003

- I am testing the Google adds program on some of the pages. Any comments? 26 June 2003

- There will not be many updates here during the Easter break 17/04/03 - 27/04/03. I am still working on those hot spot pages, so any suggestions/material would be appreciated. 16 April 2003

- 03/03/03 03:03:03 is gone, Hutchison 3 goes live in UK, but 3G networks are still not three there.
03 March 2003

- I am working on a 3G traffic hot spot pages. If you have ideas or material, please let me know 28 February 2003

- According to the ISP our site had "2 hour unscheduled maintenance" (=outage) that lasted 6 hours 15 minutes. Their servers reraly go down, but reboot times seem to be quite long ;-) 12 February 2003

- Happy New Year, hopefully this year is better for 3G. I am building a page for 3G/UMTS test equipments. I you have related material please email it to us. 09 January 2003

- UMTS World is now an online partner of UMTS Mobile Internet 2002 Congress, check it out. UMTS World appears now on the first page of Google search! (with keyword: UMTS). Thanks for everyone for their support. 19 August 2002

- Technology section is being developed at the moment and more pages have and will appear in the UMTS Overview series. In next three weeks email replies will be slow due other commitments.
25 July 2002

- UMTS World has is now 1 year old. Thanks for everyone for their support! 1 July 2002

- I have got quite a lot of mails asking about the background of UMTSWorld, so I'll put an about UMTS World page up soon. I am also working on a mobile phone feature test page. Any suggestions are welcome. 14 June 2002

- The Internet Archive is building a digital library. You can even see how UMTS World looked last year. (Do not ask about copyright issues) 9 June 2002

- Owner companies of the UMTS operators page has been updated. A lot of ownerships have been changing and all these kind of lists get old quite fast. Next: the contracts page. 3 June 2002

- The whole site has been cleaned a bit including some dead links. The site has now about 1000 hand-picked external links and most of the are deep links. Let me know if you find dead or redirected links. Thanks for everyone how has already suggested improvements! 20 May 2002

- I have updated the UMTS licenses page. Now I think it is probably the best UMTS licenses page in the web. Next I have to update the contracts and owners pages. 17 May 2002

- I am working on to add a Downloads page [preview] and an Applications section. 02 Apr 2002

- Privacy page has been updated. I added more computer and mobile security tips. 27 Mar 2002

- Response to Network Performance article has been as slow as important company announcements after 3GSM World Congress. 11 Mar 2002

- I added a List of (almost) live 3G networks based on launch announcements and some press clips about vendors' claims. Interesting to see what every vendor thinks about their market share. 27 Feb 2002

- Somebody emailed me a Motorola node B brochure today. Thanks!  15 Feb 2002

Work on progress list:

- I am always working on a Node B pages. Has anyone a good public picture of Fujitsu/Alcatel Evolium picture, LG UMTS BTS, Samsung UMTS BTS and Huawei UMTS BTS. Let me know!

- I need to add a transmission planning page to UMTS Planning Basics series. - Done

PS. Our news capture is not bad! We "reported" (a BBC link) all Israel's 3G licenses 18/12/2001 (see our archives) and only 25/01/2002 most telecom "news" sites report one of them because Reuters mentioned it!

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