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Wireless web enabled device test pages:

ISO Latin 1 character List
Character Codes
Web Safe Colours
"Colorwheel" JavaScript
Basic HTML Code Test
Full HTML Code Test
Colour Test Image 1 (gif)
Colour Test Image 2 (gif)
Colour Test Image 3 (gif)
Colour Test Image 4 (gif)
Colour Test Image 5 (jpg)
Colour Test Image 6 (gif)
Contrast Test Image 1 (gif)
Contrast Test Image 2 (jpg)
Contrast Test Image 3 (gif)
Contrast Test Image 4 (jpg)
Contrast Test Image 5 (gif)
Contrast Test Image 6 (gif)
Contrast Test Image 7 (gif)
Open this page in a new window (This should display on "visited link" colour)
Open a page with a pop-up window
3G news feed page (More complex script)
Dead link test (404)
Not authorised page test (403)
Text file page
WAP page
Email link (not a real email address)
FTP link
View an MS Excel 2000 file (26k)
View an MS Word 6 file (60k) or MS Word 2000 file (167k)
View an MS PowerPoint 97 file (382k)
PDF 5.0 file (32k) More Info
Radio station streaming 104.6 FM Altamont, NY, USA  Triple J, Sydney, Australia
Streaming Midi file
Movie trailers: MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, Paramount , Touchtone and Warner Brothers

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