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3G Infrastructure Market Share Views

Here are 3G network vendors' market share comments from the press. If you see 3G infrastructure market share related articles, please share it with us.

Nokia May 10, 2004:

"Nokia has extensive practical experience and expertise from implementing 11 of the current 25 commercially launched 3G networks."

source: Nokia press release

Siemens May 06, 2004:

"The new agreement with NetCom also confirms the company as a leading provider of 3G/UMTS technology. 26 3G/UMTS networks from Siemens and its partner NEC in 19 countries in Europe and Asia are presently in rollout. Alone 12 of the 22 3G/UMTS networks in commercial operation worldwide are from Siemens mobile and its technology partner."

source: Siemens press release

Ericsson February 26, 2004:

Ericsson chief executive officer Carl-Henric Svanberg talked ... at the 3GSM World Congress in Cannes ... "We estimate we have 35% market share in GSM infrastructure," he said, adding that the company has a similar lead in the 3G market, where it will have rolled out 46 networks by the end of this year."

source: article

Nortel February 25, 2004:

"Nortel Networks said it is aiming to capture 25% of the global UMTS market in the next few years as the Canadian vendor expects to gain more of the market in Western Europe and take a strong stake in emerging regions such as Eastern Europe and China.

According to Scott Wickware, vice president of UMTS product solutions at Nortel, the company currently has a 15-20% share of all announced UMTS contracts and sees itself in joint third place after the likes of Ericsson and Lucent."

source: Total Telecom article

Nokia February 23, 2004:

"We have a clearly stronger position in WCDMA than in 2G. We look to gain in terms of market share with this technical evolution," [Nokia Chief Executive Jorma Ollila] said about the company's networks unit. "Our global share will be up from the mid- to the high teens level, when we move to WCMDA," he said, adding that, "WCDMA will be 80 percent of the action."

source: Reuters article

Siemens February 23, 2004:

"Today there are fifteen 3G networks deployed, nine of them supplied by Siemens with its partner NEC. Lamprecht [of Siemens] says that Siemens has set up or is currently rolling out 29 3G networks worldwide."

source: article

Ericsson February 06, 2004:

"[Ericsson] CEO Carl Henric-Svanberg told a press conference in Stockholm. “Of the 51,000 employees we have, and you are aware of the target of 47,000, 3,000 are already on the way out and no longer part of our operations. We have another 1,000 to go which will be completed by the summer.” At the height of the telecom bubble, Ericsson had a headcount of more than 105,000 worldwide."

"Henric-Svanberg added that Ericsson is involved in eight of the ten 3G W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access) networks launched so far, and has a presence in the rollout of a further 46 networks."

source: article

Siemens February 05, 2004:

"Seven of twelve 3G/UMTS networks currently in commercial use worldwide were set up by Siemens mobile/NEC. Christoph Caselitz, President of Networks within Siemens mobile, comments: "I see this order as further confirmation of our leading position in 3G/UMTS business as to date, 25,000 base stations have been delivered and offer services to more than two million users in the 3G/UMTS networks set up by us."

source: Siemens Press Release

Nokia January 27, 2004:

"The fact that Nokia has now supplied eight out of the 14 commercial WCDMA networks currently launched worldwide, highlights that Nokia's WCDMA 3G solution is the very best technology for innovative and enriching services."

source: Nokia Press Release

Qualcomm January 22, 2004:

"In his report Wednesday, [Qualcomm chairman, Dr. Irwin] Jacobs said royalties from W-CDMA (also known as UMTS) accounted for 12 percent of Qualcomm's royalty revenues from licensees in the previous quarter. The firm receives a higher percentage of royalty revenues from 1xEV-DO than it does from W-CDMA. Qualcomm reported that it shipped about 32 million phone chips to 3G CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO customers in the quarter, while at the same time shipping infrastructure chips for those same versions of CDMA that supported nearly 4.6 million equivalent voice channels. The company also reported progress in the W-CDMA area, noting that its MSM6200 W-CDMA chip set solution has been validated by 13 worldwide W-CDMA infrastructure vendors."

source: TechWeb News

Siemens January 15, 2004:

"We are particularly pleased with our 26th 3G/UMTS order, as with Telefónica Móviles we have managed to win the largest Spanish mobile operator as a new 3G/UMTS customer", comments Lothar Pauly, Board Member of Siemens Information and Communication Mobile. "We are thus reinforcing our leading position in next generation mobile networks."

source: Siemens Press Release

 Press Clips Archives: 2001,  2002,  2003,  2004     Rollout Clips

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