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3G Infrastructure Market Share Views 2003

Here are 3G network vendors' market share comments from the press. If you see 3G infrastructure market share related articles, please share it with us.

Siemens October 09, 2003:

To date, twelve 3G mobile networks have already gone into operation worldwide, seven of them built by Siemens in partnership with NEC. In connection with the U15 presentation, Rudi Lamprecht, a member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, summed up the current situation this way: "With 1.3 million users today on the 3G networks we have built, we're the world's most successful equipment supplier for next-generation mobile communication."

source: Unstrung

Ericsson August 15, 2003:

Ericsson CEO Carl-Henric "Svanberg said Ericsson made 100,000 base stations per year. The main reason for the company's financial struggles in recent years is that debt-burdened telecom operators ceased to invest in new equipment or network upgrades. Last month Ericsson reported a second-quarter operating loss of SEK 200 million (EUR 22.12 million), its 11th straight quarter in the red -- against a SEK 2.5 billion loss in April-June last year. Sales fell 28 percent year-on-year to 27.6 billion crowns.

source: article

Siemens July 21, 2003:

With this 22nd 3G agreement [MTC-Vodafone in Bahrain], Siemens is further expanding its worldwide position as a top 3G supplier.

source: Siemens press release

Motorola July 16, 2003:

Motorola Wins 3G Deal with Intercellular Nigeria. This is Motorola's 16th announced 3G CDMA2000 1X contract.

source: Motorola press release

Nokia, Nortel June 13, 2003:

The debate about which vendor leads the 3G wideband code-division multiple access (WCDMA) equipment market reignited again this week when Nokia claimed it had overtaken archrival Ericsson as the number one vendor in the sector.

Sari Baldauf, president of Nokia Networks, said, "We currently lead WCDMA rollout in terms of volume, with more than 20,000 base stations deployed." "We have over 30 percent market share in WCDMA and are well on track to reach our target of 35 percent."

Ericsson, meanwhile, claims a 40 percent share of the market and said late last year that it had deployed 10,000 base stations between March 2001 and October 2002.

Scott Wickware, director of UMTS product solutions at Nortel Networks, says "Right now we see ourselves from a pure UMTS perspective sitting around 15 percent and at around 19 percent in terms of CDMA2000 and UMTS".


Nokia June 11, 2003:

The world's largest mobile phone maker Nokia repeated on Wednesday that it sees the global infrastructure market down 15 percent or more in 2003 versus the year-ago level

In infrastructure, it said it "believes it is well on track to achieving its targeted 35 percent market share in WCDMA networks."

source: Reuters and CBS MarketWatch

Nokia April 29, 2003:

Nokia has shipped 17,000 base stations for fast wireless networks which enable video calls, representing between 35 and 40 per cent of all so-called WCDMA radio systems, said Rene Svendsen-Tune, senior vice president for marketing and sales at Nokia Networks.

In total, Nokia Networks has signed 3G deals with 45 operators, 35 of which have been made public.

source: Reuters via India Times

Nokia April 17, 2003:

WCDMA is fast emerging as the global standard of choice for next-generation communications, with 85% of the global 3G network markets expected to be based on WCDMA. Nokia is a leading supplier in WCDMA infrastructure, with over 30 customers around the world.

WCDMA is the only true wideband wireless standard and offers the most economical and efficient network solution with the overwhelmingly largest user base, footprint and roaming

source: Nokia press release

Ericsson April 11, 2003:

The WCDMA contract with 3 in Denmark underlines Ericsson's position as the world's leading supplier of 3G mobile systems. Ericsson has now been named as vendor in 41 out of 78 publicly announced WCDMA agreements to date and has a global market share of 40 per cent.

source: Ericsson press release

Siemens April 8, 2003:

"Siemens signs twentieth UMTS sales agreement" [Austrian tele.ring]

"With almost 12 percent market share Siemens is in third place worldwide across all standards (analog, TDMA, CDMA, and GSM) in the area of mobile networks. "

"[Siemens] has also further reinforced its market position as a leading infrastructure supplier in the area of 3G/UMTS, which evolved from GSM and has already supplied more than 9000 UMTS base stations to date. It provides UMTS networks for the largest European markets, serving carriers in the UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, and France."

source: Siemens press release

Ericsson March 17, 2003:

"[Ericsson Australia managing director Barry] Borzillo is cagey on which telco will be next to offload the building and operation of a new network to Ericsson, but is had 75 contracts signed to build 3G networks - any number of which could upgrade to a fully managed service.
The hardware angle is aldo pertinent to Ericsson. It accounts for 40% of network hardware to telcos ... "

Copyright The Bulletin 18.3.03

Siemens March 12, 2003:

According to Siemens, it sold $5.3 billion worth of wireless network equipment in 2002, raising its market share to 12 percent, from 8 percent the previous year.

"In mobile networks we are poised to become the second largest supplier," boasted Volker Jung, a member of the Siemens corporate executive committee, perhaps unwittingly capitalizing on Nokia's latest tales of woe

Copyright Unstrung

Ericsson March 05, 2003:

"Ericsson does not predict many changes in supplier relationships, even though operators such as Orange SA, a current Ericsson 3G customer, have stated they are reviewing their vendor options. Any such shifts would not happen for a few years yet, Ericsson management told the Lehman team, and they would be unlikely to affect the Swedish company's clear lead in the WCDMA market, where it holds a near 40 percent market share of existing contracts."

Copyright Unstrung

Siemens February 20, 2003:

" Siemens board member Lothar Pauly claims Siemens has delivered more than 8,000 WCDMA base stations to operators, "giving us a 20 percent market share in this sector." "

Copyright Unstrung

Ericsson February 19, 2003:

"The UMTS contract with Orange France underlines Ericsson's position as the world's leading supplier of 3G mobile systems. Ericsson has now been named as vendor in 37 out of 72 publicly announced WCDMA agreements announced to date and has a global market share of 40 per cent."

Copyright Ericsson, source: Ericsson press release.

MMS Systems January 31, 2003:

Analysts at Ovum Ltd. and the Arc Group estimate the Scandinavian duo [Ericsson and Nokia] have between them won about 70 percent of the contracts for MMS systems, which enable GSM carriers to deliver picture messaging services to their customers. Ericsson claims 47 customer deals and Nokia 50.

This leaves the specialist vendors, such as LogicaCMG, Comverse Ltd., and Tecnomen Corp., with less than a third of the market to share among them.

Copyright Unstrung, source: Unstrung news reports.

Siemens January 14, 2003:

With currently more than 180 international customers in over 90 countries, Siemens mobile is the number three system supplier for GSM mobile networks and is the market leader as a supplier for prepaid technology.
The Group also holds a top ranking in the area of GPRS and UMTS. In just one single year, Siemens has advanced from sixth to third place worldwide among the leading providers of mobile infrastructure.

Copyright Siemens, source: Siemens press release.

Ericsson January 7, 2003:

"Ericsson has been named as vendor in 38 out of 73 publicly announced WCDMA agreements to date and has a global market share of 40 per cent."

Copyright Ericsson, source: Ericsson press release.

 Press Clips Archives: 2001,  2002,  2003,  2004     Rollout Clips

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