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3G / UMTS Products

Here are some new 3G / UMTS related products:

  • The 3G Dating Agency is a great way to find new friends or partners, for fun, dating and long term relationships. (20/11/04)
  • Taxibus introduces a revolutionary urban transportation for 21st century cities. (31/03/04)

  • Apertio offers mobile infrastructure like HLRs. (24/02/04)

  • Willtek is a supplier of 3G testing tools. (16/02/04)

  • RadioPlan is a supplier of 3G radio network planning, optimization, and measurement analysis solutions. (27/01/04)

  • picoChip announced HSDPA: 14Mbps with software-defined 3G basestation. (15/09/03)

  • Opera Software announced that Opera is included in Motorola's new phone for UMTS networks: the Motorola A920. The Motorola A920 is the first Motorola phone to feature Opera as its browser, and Opera's first UMTS phone network deployment. (04/09/03)

  • Starent Networks offers intelligent mobile gateways. (03/09/03)

  • Comarco has launched drive-test and in-building-test test solution Seven.Five for cdma2000 1X (pdf). (28/08/03)

  • Agile Mobile has developed lie detection software for Nokia Series 60 phones. (28/08/03)

  • SanDisk has introduced a new 3G memory stick. (15/08/03)

  • Comarco has launched Wireless Test Solutions' new dual calling module 2G, 2.5G and 3G test system, Seven.Five Duo (pdf). (24/07/03)

  • Spirent Communications provides test solution for 3G deployment. (27/06/03)

  • Powerwave designs, manufactures and markets RF power amplifiers. (27/06/03)

  • Comarco offers Wireless Test Solutions for 3G drive-test system. (24/06/03)

  • Pocket Watch Systems offers PocketHub, a software product which gives you the power to remotely access your own PC. (20/06/03)

  • MyOrigo creates user-friendly technologies to allow Internet and multimedia content to be rendered, accessed and controlled on multimedia devices. (19/06/03)

  • Nextreaming provides necessary software applications and components for enabling rich media services in mobile environments. (18/06/03)

  • Mobilista creates managed mobile services that deliver exciting, original and easy to use consumer experiences. (09/06/03)

  • RTX designs TD-SCDMA technology chipsets and has signed an agreement to develop GSM/TD-SCDMA chipset. (22/05/03)

  • DST Output provides billing and customer statements solutions for telecommunications, wireless and other companies (30/04/03)

  • Tipic enables Mobile instant messaging and more (28/04/03)

  • Radical-tek (Link seems to be safe for work) has launched a wireless adult/nightlife/gambling travel directory service. Wireless demo at . Desktop users can view a wapjag web demo (safe for work) (09/04/03)

  • HillCast Technologies offers real-time data and news streaming products (06/04/03)

  • WideRay offers Proximity Servers (02/04/03)

  • IXI develops Personal Mobile Gateways (02/04/03)

  • ALVA is launching the ALVA MPO 5500, an all-in-one device that combines an accessible GSM cell phone, organizer, and essential notetaker functionality. (24/03/03)

  • Infineon has started sampling the first fully integrated single-chip W-CDMA/UMTS RF transceiver for 3G applications. (17/03/03)

  • Unispeed launches Cyber Security tool Netlogger Cyber Threat Management high-speed networks. (04/03/03)

  • Jonas Salling has developed a Sony Ericsson Clicker, a revolutionary application, allowing you to remotely control a wide range of applications with your Sony Ericsson phone. (03/03/03)

  • Starhome offers Intelligent Call Assistant which corrects common dialing errors that roamers make due to unfamiliarity with international dialing. (26/02/03)

  • Opera's Small-Screen Rendering TM technology reformats Web sites to fit inside the screen width, thereby eliminating the need for horizontal scrolling. (25/02/03)

  • Texas Instruments introduces world's first complete battery fuel gauge for cellular handsets and PDAs. (22/02/03)

  • Grodata is one of South Africa's leading suppliers of SMS messages. (20/02/03)

  • Cool Xelibri PCD phones from Siemens. (20/02/03)

  • Fenestrae provides software solutions for the mobile and wireless space. (19/02/03)

  • Spirent offers 3G network test, measurement and diagnosting products. (19/02/03)

  • Cognima designs data replication framework products for network operators. (11/02/03)

  • Jadoo Power makes fuel cell batteries for mobile phones. (07/02/03)

  • Immersion brings touch feedback to Cell Phones and PDAs. (22/01/03)

  • Newbay designs FoneBlog software; a web site for every mobile phone. (14/01/03)

  • Speech View designs software that enables deaf to use cell phones. (28/11/02)

  • NetHawk develops 3G network analysers. (25/11/02)

  • Doom Wildpalm introduces Doom for 7650. See the release page. (15/11/02)

  • Pocketjoy (Link is NOT safe for work) launches adult entertainment service for wireless Internet-ready phones. Read the press release. (link is safe for work) (14/11/02)

  • First Point is a telecommunications equipment and network hardware reseller and provider of new, used, and refurbished voice and data communications equipment. (22/10/02)

  • InterDigital develops digital wireless platforms for telecommunications equipment manufacturers and operators. The Company’s innovations include EDGE, CDMA2000 and WCDMA. Site has also 3G whitepapers to download. (19/08/02)

  • VoiceAge offers 3G codec and voice solutions. (15/08/02)

  • MTI Micro is developing fuel cells for mobile phones. See the technology section. (14/08/02)

  • laser mouse Philips introduces a laser-based scrolling device suitable for mobile phones. See the press release. (26/06/02)

  • DaimlerChrysler introduces world's first car with integrated UMTS Services. See the press release. More on Jentro site. (06/06/02)

  • LGE introduces world's first color phone with imbedded camera for cdma2000 1x EV-DO service. See the press release. (13/05/02)

  • Starmundi provides innovative UMTS and GPRS multimedia services. See the Starmundi UMTS product page. (29/04/02)

  • keyboard Siemens shows a full-size fully functional virtual keyboard that can be projected and touched on any surface was shown at the CeBIT fair. Check theYahoo story. (25/03/02)

  • robots It's Alive offers location-based mobile games in GSM networks 24 hours a day. Check their games selection. (07/03/02)

  • Winphoria Networks announced the availability of the Winphoria WMS-5000, the 3G Mobile Switching Centre (MSC). Press release ahs now disappeared, check Motorola for more details. (04/03/02)

  • Giesecke & Devrient launches combined SIM card for 3G and GSM. Read the Press release. (27/02/02)

  • Airprime offers CDMA2000 1X and 1xEV-DO PC cards for 3G wireless market. Read the product description. (25/02/02)

  • Bluelinx's has introduced a Q-Zone products, which use a Bluetooth radio to lower the ring tone of a cell phone. (17/01/02)

  • Fastap Digit Wireless has the FastapTM Keypad. It is the world's smallest easy-to-use alphanumeric keypad. Read more about Digit Wireless products. (05/01/02)

  • France Telecom, through SpectraLicensing, is offering amnesty for back royalties on Turbo Code implementations for all customers who sign a Turbo Code Licensing Agreement (TCLA) before December 31, 2001. Read about Amnesty Program.

  • Spaceshipfin2 Actix and UbiNetics have joint forces and created a 3G network test mobile. Read the press release. (03/12/01)

  • Wiseband has developed UMTS power amplifiers

  • 3G phones are arriving (NTT DoCoMo), and Ericsson triple band phones (2G) are getting smaller and lighter (59g).

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