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Last Words

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Virus Leaps
Cell phone virus tries leaping to PCs.
(22/09/05) [perm link]

Phone Crime
Camera Phone Has Life After Theft .
(29/08/05) [perm link]

Unusual Mobile Chargers (Take XX)
Hamster-powered phone charger.
(26/08/05) [perm link]
USB charger

In Case of Emergency
(12/07/05) [perm link]

Mobile phones 'can trigger skin allergies'
(09/06/05) [perm link]

Phone Manners
Girl, 17, jailed for ringing phone.
(20/11/04) [perm link]

Billing Trouble
Bell says ... "subscribers should pay only what they think they owe".
(04/11/04) [perm link]

Unusual Mobile Chargers (Take 10)
Cool coin operated mobile phone chargers. Thanks Giorgio!
(13/10/04) [perm link]
USB charger

How to make friends by telephone
(05/10/04) [perm link]

Unusual Mobile Chargers (Take 9)
In the future spinach may soon power mobile devices
(16/09/04) [perm link]
USB charger

Hack This Phone
Motorola v710 hacking contest.
(05/09/04) [perm link]

High Quality 3G
E-Plus develops ultra high 3G sites to expand UMTS network.
(03/09/04) [perm link]

No Internet Please
3 Rules out offering open mobile Internet services.
(29/08/04) [perm link]

Deafening phone
Siemens issues health warning.
(26/08/04) [perm link]

Phone Service
Date rescue.
(08/08/04) [perm link]

Phone Usage
78 percent of wireless minutes paid for go unused.
(05/08/04) [perm link]

High Altitude 3G
Airplane 3G mobile phone test successful.
(16/07/04) [perm link]

The Economists bluejacks.
(16/07/04) [perm link]

Infectious Fear
Mobile phone viruses, the fear of infection and the reality of protection.
(15/07/04) [perm link]

Silent Monopoly
ARM is helping to make strong-arming unfashionable.
(09/07/04) [perm link]

Cell-Phone Service Sucks
Your cell-phone company knows you hate it.
(04/06/04) [perm link]

Total Recall
North Korean government recalls all cell phones.
(03/06/04) [perm link]

Pay up please
Telecom company puts the fees up 'because it can'.
(24/05/04) [perm link]

See the future of mobile phone now
Fark photoshop contest: what problems cell phones will cause in the future.
(23/05/04) [perm link]

FUSF pass-through fee, please!
Telecom firms pile on extra fees under official-sounding names.
(17/05/04) [perm link]

Wrooooooom, hello!
155 mph (249kph) while talking on his mobile phone.
(06/05/04) [perm link]

Promo Phone
Coca-Cola creates custom phone for promo.
(05/05/04) [perm link]
phone scoop

The Wisconsin man who invented the telephone answering machine dies.
(05/04/04) [perm link]

Unusual Mobile Chargers (Take 8)
In a future you can use vodka or water to power your phone.
(31/03/04) [perm link]
USB charger

Photos of Madrid cell-phone bomb that failed to detonate because the timer was set to 7:40 PM instead of AM. via Fark
(30/03/04) [perm link]

Phone Scam
Beware of a laser mobile phone near you.
(23/03/04) [perm link]

Glow from phone leads to rescue. via
(21/03/04) [perm link]

Nokia sends killer-SMS to own customers!
(11/03/04) [perm link]

Background Noise
Romania phone software company called Simeda has developed a mobile phone software which creates bogus background noises!
(08/03/04) [perm link]

GPRS roaming seems to work but wait untill you get the phone bill. via Mobitopia.
(02/03/04) [perm link]

SMS Dealings
South Korea's third-largest credit card issuer fired a quarter of its workforce via mobile phone text messages and Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat reported that FC Jokerit football team sale was cancelled by the Jokerit CEO Anders Backman via phone text message.
(01/03/04) [perm link]

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