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Last Words, 3/2002 Archive

Mobile phone records are used in criminal cases. If you are committing a serious crime, there is no location privacy any more. This sounds like a killer application. Read the LA Times article. (06/09/02) LA Times logo

Wired logo
Bullies are using mobile phones and short messages to abuse other kids in school. Old tricks, new tools. Read the article at Wired News. (04/09/02)

Another study about how we use the phone. Try to identify the way you hold the phone! Read the Ananova article. (03/09/02) Ananova logo

PCW logo
Be cerefull how you write your short messages! According to a new study, children's text messages could tell their future careers. Read the article at PCW. (03/09/02)

Mobile gaming is in trouble in Greece and what about those pre-installed games in all mobile phones? No more playing games, mobile SW upgrades with pre-installed games or new game downloads! Read the article at The Register. (03/09/02), updated (25/09/02) The Register logo

find a phone

Have you lost your phone in Australia? Scam warning! Read how you could recover it (29/08/02)

For mobile poetry enthusiast: Onesixty, the poetry SMS magazine. (29/08/02) One Sixty logo


Frustrated with your mobile? How far can you throw your handset? See the results of the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships 2002 (26/08/02)

Pacific Island of Norfolk rejects mobile phones. Norfolk Island has an existing mobiles radio trunking system, but will not get a digital mobile system. (23/08/02) Norfolk Island flag

Bible texts

Text message competions results: Bible passages translated into txt msg 4m (26/08/02)

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