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Last Words, 8/2003 Archive

Adult Content Brazilian Mobile operator Oi is offering a helping hand to Latin lovers who are lacking inspiration with animations of sexual positions based on the Kama Sutra flashed directly to their mobile phones.
(28/08/03) [perm link]

daily record Phone Jamming Somebody is flooding Scotland with high-tech phone jammers that are illegal to use and hotels are happy to use them to create more phone revenues! via (27/08/03) [perm link]

Fear Campaign   Australian Herald Sun writes:

"Mobile phone users would face a fee of $50 under a plan being considered by the Federal Government to include hands-free kits with every phone purchase. Under the scheme to combat road deaths and filter cancer-causing radiation, mobile phone companies would be forced to include the kits, for which users pay extra.

It looks like Herald Sun claims that mobile phones emit "cancer-causing radiation" and hands-free kits have "radiation filters" that can somehow separate "cancer-causing radiation" and non-cancer-causing radiation.

The writer should learn about ionising, non-ionising radiation and cancer before starting another round of hysteria campaign. This is not the greatest piece of journalism about the subject. Now one of the main news radios in Australia has pick-up the subject and is running with it.
(26/08/03) [perm link]
herald sun

Finns Rule! The fourth Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships was on Saturday the 23rd of August, 2003 in Savonlinna, Finland. The equipment for the competition were original brands, such as Nokia, Ericsson and others. All mobile phones were provided by the organiser, Fennolingua, and they came with original batteries. The winner was Samu Santala with 66,62 metres! (25/08/03) [perm link]

Making Customer Happy Sichuan Airlines in southwestern China has paid over $282,000 for the phone number "88888888," saying it hopes to make its customers happy. Now that is a real customer service ;-)
(20/08/03) [perm link]
Sichuan Airlines

MCI Telecom Customer Respect MCI and Nextel scored highest in Customer Respect study (pdf) by The Customer Respect Group. Surprisingly Cisco and Qualcomm got a low score! (20/08/03) [perm link]

Smart Portable Jammers The US military is developing a miniaturized, unattended ground sensors capable of detecting, identifying and jamming communications and radar threat signals for the "WolfPack" program. WolfPack has an objective to create a system that will deny an adversary use of its communications while not interfering with friendly military and commercial radio communications. Each device- about 4 inches wide and weighs about 6 pounds - runs on battery and should last approximately two months. The cost of each is estimated at $10,000. WolfPack can be air-dropped with small parachutes into an area. (19/08/03) [perm link] AFIS

Discover Wireless Quality Discover roundtable discussion Can Anyone Make Wireless Work? has some thoughts about US wireless landscape.
(18/08/03) [perm link]

Number Portability In Singapore call forwarding is considered a number portability service and people are not happy! (18/08/03) [perm link] Straits times

Blackout BTS Blackout Power outage hits the North America and call volume overloads region's cell phone circuits. People try to find out why the cell phones did not work? and press claims that "cell phone service once again failed to step up in the face of calamity".

None of the articles tell how expesive it is to maintain large battery systems and back up generator that you will only use once in every twenty years. It just does not make economical sense to have those in every base station site. Roof top sites also have the loading and space problems, if all operators would need to upgrade their systems. Like any other services like emergency service, transportation system or the Internet, mobile networks are not designed to take an extra heavy peak load or to be run extended periods of time without electricity. (16/08/03) [perm link]

Picture Phone Trouble Be careful with your picture phone. A woman in her twenties was badly beaten by several other women after she was caught taking pictures of them with her mobile phone. (16/08/03) [perm link] Arab News logo

ABC News Shield Down? Two N.Y. companies settle charges they pushed cell phone shields with false claims. About someone has taken these kind of companies to court. (13/08/03) [perm link]

Mobile Content Ted Ladd has written a nice analysis of the failure and future of mobile content. (09/08/03) [perm link] brighthand

Nokia Telsim Trouble Telsim litigation continues, but the latest rumour is that the Uzan Group transferred its GSM operator Telsim to Nokia or maybe Mororola, or something like that. This mess has been going on forever!
(09/08/03) [perm link]

Customer service A new research in UK shows that customers who want to change network may be misled by operators. Number portability and unlock the SIM card seem to be difficult to understand and explain.
Via TechDirt (09/08/03) [perm link]

abc Begging Advice When you are begging at a mosque in Yemen, turn your mobile to silent mode. (09/08/03) [perm link]

Motorola 3G Phone scoop has Motorola's Fall 2003 3G phone Lineup. via Erik (06/08/03) [perm link] phone scoop

Verizon Phone Numbers Verizon continues the US tradition by mistakenly listing an adult chat line number as their toll-free customer service line. (06/08/03) [perm link]

Motorola A930 Review Mobile Burn has an interesting review of the new Motorola 3G phone. (03/08/03) [perm link]

scotsman 3G competition in the UK Orange has told rival operator Hutchison that its new generation of mobile phones aren't working properly and that it is giving the industry a bad image. Hutchison responded by pointing out that its prices were far lower than its rivals, and added that Orange was being left behind as it was not launching its own 3G phones until 2004.
(03/08/03) [perm link]

Better Times Ahead? According to 3G tech jobs will boom for telco sector. Maybe there is hope on the horizon. (02/08/03) [perm link] Silicon

mobile review Motorola A830 Review has a good insight into this 3G phone. (02/08/03) [perm link]

Success in telecom comes from being lucky?
The Inquirer writes: According to British market consultancy, Ovum, Nokia's recent good handset sales means the firm's just downright lucky. Ovum's chief analyst, Julian Hewitt, says Motorola has failed to capitalise on its StarTAC handset. Sony Ericsson has simply failed to deliver. Siemens doesn't understand design, while Philips and the French went nowhere. He's also not sure if Samsung can sustain its momentum.

Anyway: "This incompetence allowed Nokia to grab a 35-40% share, growing revenue from 9 to 30 billion Euros in just three years (1998-2000)," said Hewitt.

It looks like after all these insults, Ovum is not trying to get any consultancy business from telecom sector any time soon. Telecom sector is now waiting for Ovum to deny these comments. (02/08/03)
Ovum article, now the site is up again. (05/08/03) [perm link]

Usa today Picture Phone Hero Teen turns phonecam on stranger trying to lure him into car. (02/08/03) [perm link]

3G's Little Dark Secrets A good analysis of 3G problems. We are still waiting for a good selection of UMTS phones. Via TechDirt   (02/08/03) [perm link]

UMTS is Dead according to Torsten Rendelmann   (02/08/03) [perm link]

Brand Values Business Week has ranked the values of Global brands. Samsung seem to be increading its brand value fast. Here are the telcos:

Rank Company Value Change
 6. Nokia 29.44 Billion   - 2%
17. Cisco 15.79 Billion   - 3%
20. Sony 13.15 Billion   - 5%
25. Samsung 10.85 Billion + 31%
80. Ericsson   3.15 Billion - 12%
81. Motorola   3.10 Billion   - 9%

(01/08/03) [perm link]
business week

Network Quality Network Quality J.D. Power and Associates study shows that Verizon Wireless has the best-quality cellular network in the US, but the customers are still not impressed. AT&T Wireless did well last year but now it is the middle of the pack. (01/08/03)
Slashdot discussion (05/08/03) [perm link]

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