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3G Rollout Notes

Here are 3G network project rollout comments from the press. If you see a 3G project related article, please share it with us.

"What Price a 3G Base Station?" April 29, 2004 by

" [Credit Suisse First Boston Corp director of telecom equity research] Aono notes that the GSM base station market at its peak in 2000 was worth around $30 billion, but that when the market for third-generation wideband CDMA (W-CDMA) base stations peaks in 2007 he expects it to be worth just $20 billion, despite the expectation that more units will be shipped than at the top of the GSM sales cycle.

Brett Simpson, analyst at research firm Arete Research LLC, says the typical node B -- the radio link between wireless devices and the rest of a cellular network -- today is selling for around 25,000 (US$29,500), down from 60,000 ($70,960) or 70,000 ($82,780) a year or two ago.

"We expect it to drop below 15,000 [$17,740] in a few years, and some operators are telling us they want node B's for the same price as a GSM BTS [11,000 or $13,000] in the next couple of years," says Simpson. "Vendors aren't going to make money from this." "

source: article

Hutchison 3 April 6, 2004:

"3 announce[d] at the end of 2003 that it had successfully completed the build and integration of its 5250th site [in the UK]. This means that 3 now has over 77% population coverage for its video mobile services in the UK"

source: article

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