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hrfLaunched in March 1998, The Home Radio Frequency Working Group (HRFWG) has developed a single foundation (the Shared Wireless Access Protocol specification) for a broad range of interoperable consumer devices in and around the home and provides the flexibility and mobility of a wireless solution. The HRFWG, which includes over 75 companies (including Compaq, Ericsson, HP, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and Motorola) from the personal computer, consumer electronics, peripherals, communications, software, and semiconductor industries, has developed the open and royalty free SWAP standard for wireless voice and data applications. Like Bluetooth, it utilizes the high performance 2.4GHz ISM (Instrumentation, Scientific and Medical) frequency band.

Some examples of what users will be able to do with the availability of products that adhere to the SWAP specification include:

  • Set up a wireless home network to share voice and data between PC's, peripherals, PC-enhanced cordless phones, and new devices such as portable, remote display pads

  • Access the Internet from anywhere in and around the home from portable display devices

  • Share an ISP connection between PC's and other new devices

  • Share files/modems/printers in multi-PC homes

  • Intelligently forward incoming telephone calls to multiple cordless handsets, FAX machines and voice mailboxes

  • Review incoming voice, FAX and e-mail messages from a small PC-enhanced cordless telephone handset

  • Activate other home electronic systems by simply speaking a command into a PC-enhanced cordless handset

  • Multi-player games and/or toys based on PC or Internet resources

    Home RF general specification:

    Frequency Range 2402 - 2480 MHz
    Data Rate 2 Mbps (4FSK)
    Channel Bandwidth 1 MHz
    Range Up to 100 m
    RF Hopping 50 times/s
    Encryption Routine Blowfish
    TX Output Power 20 dBm Max. (0.1W)

    The HomeRF Working Group disbanded January 2003. web site is now redirected to excellent PaloWireless HomeRF resources.

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