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EDGE - Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution *)

EDGE is a new air-interface technology, to offer third-generation data rates for the global evolution of GSM and TDMA to 3G. EDGE uses 8 Phase Shift Keying Modulation (8-PSK), rather than normal GSM Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying (GMSK). This will offer 48 kbits/s per GSM timeslot.

The catch is that EDGE requires higher radio signal quality than that found in an average GSM network before higher data throughput can be reached. This means more base stations (especially indoor) and infrastructure build-out for established GSM operators that wish to migrate to EDGE

EDGE enables services like multimedia emailing, Web infotainment and video conferencing to be easily accessible from wireless terminals. EDGE is designed for migration into existing GSM and TDMA networks, enabling operators to offer multimedia and other IP-based services at speeds of up to 384 kbits/s (possibly 473 kbits/s in the future) in wide area networks. An important attraction of EDGE is the smooth evolution and upgrade of existing network hardware and software, which can be introduced into an operator's current GSM or TDMA network in existing frequency bands.

Commercial introduction has started.

*) According to 3GPP specifications "Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution" is the correct term for EDGE. See for example specification: 3GPP '99 10.59. Specification also uses the term "Enhanced Data rate for GSM Evolution". Other incorrect terms include "Enhanced Data rates for Global Evolution" (older version) and "Enhanced Data GSM Environment"

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