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Headline Archive, October 2002

CDMA2000 DEAL: Ericsson signs a CDMA2000 1X contract with BellSouth Colombia. Read the press release. (31/10/02)

CDMA2000 DEAL: Vesper, a Brazilian operator, has selected Nortel Networks as the sole supplier of its CDMA2000 1xEV-DO network and signed a letter of understanding with Ericsson. Read the Nortel press release and Ericsson press release. (30/10/02)

BACKBONE DEAL: Vodafone Sweden Creates Cisco-Based Backbone For UMTS Traffic. Read the press release. (30/10/02)

UMTS DEAL: Nokia wins a contract to supply a WCDMA network for Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan. Read the press release. (30/10/02)

PRODUCT LAUNCH: Huawei launches the WCDMA Node B. Read the press release. (29/10/02)

CDMA2000 LAUNCH: Monet Mobile Networks launches a commercial CDMA2000 1x EV-DO service. Read the press release. (29/10/02)

CDMA2000 IN INDIA: Lucent Technologies wins CDMA2000 contracts from Indian mobile operators Tata Teleservices and Reliance Infocom. Read the press release and press release. (22/10/02)

3G CONTRACTS: Ericsson and Nokia win J-Phone 3G expansion contract in Japan. Read the Ericsson press release and Nokia press release. (21-22/10/02)

CDMA2000 DEAL: China Unicom awards Motorola [press release], Nortel Networks [press release], Ericsson [press release] and Lucent [press release] CDMA2000 1X network contracts. Read the China Unicom press release (21/10/02)

3G TRANMISSION CONTRACT: Marconi wins contract to build 3G transmission network for O2 in Germany. Read the press release. (14/10/02)

1900 MHZ UMTS CALL: Nortel Networks and Qualcomm completed the industry's first UMTS voice and data calls demonstrating mobility across commercial cell sites using live 1900 MHz network. Read the press release. (10/10/02)

UMTS TRANSMISSION DEAL: O2 selects Alcatel's radio transmission infrastructure to support GSM/UMTS network in Germany. Read the press release. (09/10/02)

CDMA2000 CONTRACT: MetroPCS extends contract with Lucent Technologies for CDMA2000 1X systems. Read the press release. (08/10/02)

UMTS TMA CONTRACT: Allen Telecom's Mikom division selected by Orange Group to Supply Tower Mounted Amplifiers for 3G Networks. Press release now removed from Andrew/AllenTelecom site. (07/10/02)

CDMA2000 DEAL: Kyocera Will Supply CDMA2000 1x EV-DO Base Stations to KDDI in Japan. The news appeared at the Bloomberg news. (03/10/02)

BLUETOOTH WCDMA CALL: Qualcomm announces world’s first Bluetooth WCDMA (UMTS) and GSM Voice Calls. Read the press release. (01/10/02)

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