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Headline Archive, September 2002

TRANSMISSION DEAL: Lumentis supplies Hi3G with turn-key transport solution in Sweden. Read the press release. (30/09/02)

3G VoIP IN KOREA: SK Telecom selects Juniper Networks IP mobile backbone to deliver first wireless Voice over IP services in Korea on a CDMA2000 network. Read the press release. (30/09/02)

UMTS IN FRANCE: Bouygues Telecom has been granted a 3G licences in France. Read the press release. (27/09/02)

UMTS IN IRELAND: Vodafone Ireland selects Nokia as a supplier for its 3G network. Read the press release. (27/09/02)

UMTS PHONE LAUNCH: Nokia introduces the world's first handset for WCDMA and GSM networks. Read the press release. (26/09/02)

UMTS LAUNCH IN AUSTRIA: Mobilkom Austria Launches Europe's First UMTS-Network. Read the press release. (25/09/02)

GSM - WCDMA HANDOVERS: Ericsson announces the first live, dual mode WCDMA/GSM calls with seamless handover between the two modes. Read the press release. (24/09/02)

3G DELIVERY IN JAPAN: Fujitsu delivers 3G Base Stations for NTT DoCoMo's Network. Read the press release. (19/09/02)

MVNO IN NORWAY: Telenor Mobile and Tele2 has signed an MVNO agreement to access to each other's GSM and future UMTS networks. Read the Telenor press release and Tele2 press release. (16/09/02)

CDMA2000 DEAL: Bermuda Digital Communication has entered into an agreement with Commnet to build a CDMA2000 network with Lucent Technologies equipment. Read the news report. (16/09/02)

TROUBLE IN GERMANY: According to Reuters, France Telecom cuts the funding. MobilCom said it would file for insolvency on Friday. (13/09/02)

UMTS IN IRELAND: Vodafone Ireland has accepted its 3G licence, after weeks of indecision. Read the press release document. (09/09/02)

MAJOR MMS CONTRACT: Ericsson has signed a framework agreement with Orange Group for the supply of MMS. Read the press release. (06/09/02)

3G BTS DEAL: Vodafone's J-Phone has ordered base stations from NEC and Nokia. Read the news report. (06/09/02)

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