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Headline Archive, January 2003

IPv6 WCDMA CALL: Ericsson conducts the world's first IPv6 over 3G UMTS/WCDMA network demonstration. Read the press release. (31/01/03)

SPECTRUM IN THE USA: FCC reallocates spectrum for IMT-2000 wireless services. Read the press release (PDF). (30/01/03)

UMTS DEAL: Ericsson has been selected by Tele2/Tango as sole supplier for its WCDMA networks in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Read the press release. (28/01/03)

CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS: Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are poised to win a $426 million deal to supply third-generation mobile phone equipment to South Korea's SK Telecom. Originally reported by Reuters. (21/01/03)

BACKBONE DEAL: Lucent Technologies selected by Orange UK to boost the capacity of its ATM network to support 3G services. Read the press release. (20/01/03)

UMTS TROUBLE: Portugal's Economy Ministry has cancelled the 3G license originally awarded to the now defunct Oniway 3G venture. Read the news article. (21/01/03) and the original press release (Portuguese). (15/01/03)

EDGE DEAL: Ericsson Canada renews supply agreement with Rogers AT&T Wireless for 3 years. Read the press release. (15/01/03). Read also earlier press release. (31/01/01)

CDMA2000 DEAL: Nortel Networks selected by Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless to build a CDMA2000 network in Taiwan. Read the news report (14/01/03), press release. (15/01/03)

3G STANDARDS: World Wide Web Consortium Issues Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 and Mobile SVG as W3C Recommendations. Read the press release. (14/01/03)

UMTS DEAL: First Mobile radio operator TCC orders UMTS infrastructure from Siemens for Taiwan. Read the press release. (13/01/03)

3G PATENTS: A company called 3G Patents Ltd. has been set up to oversee and support the licensing of essential patents for the manufacture and operation of 3G systems. Read the press release. (09/01/03)

3G PHONE LAUNCH: Motorola unveils T725 (EDGE) and A835 (UMTS) phones. Read the press release. (07/01/03)

UMTS DEAL: Ericsson delivers seamless 2G/3G WCDMA network to Far EasTone and Yuan-Ze in Taiwan. Read the press release. (07/01/03)

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